Manual Production Systems

Our manual production systems are essential components of efficient manufacturing processes,
contributing to a streamlined and organized manufacturing environment, fostering productivity,
safety, and operational effectiveness. Among our possibilities, we can offer:

  • Roller conveyors – Facilitating the seamless movement of materials along production lines,
    enhancing workflow and reducing manual handling.
  • Cabinets – offering organized storage solutions for your stencils, HMIs, and also ensuring
    easy access to tools and components, thereby optimizing productivity.
  • Racks – providing a systematic arrangement for items, maximizing space utilization and
    minimizing clutter.

Splicing Trolley:

The splicing trolley is one of our many solutions to enhance your PCBA process. Easily maneuverable,
ergonomically practical and resourcefully compact, this equipment comes to streamline your SMT
production flow.

Vacuum Chamber:

Used for the removal of air bubbles from glue through a vacuum generator.
Technical Data:

  • Time to reach -0,6 Bar -> 40 sec.
  • Holding time -> 1 sec. – 100 hours
  • Working area -> 500x600mm
  • Volume -> 90L